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The latest announcement is likely to increase concern about discrimination in Turkey 0

Ankara bans all gay right functions

It is really a thing of joy for many Turkish as the gay right festivals and related activities were banned by the Turkish capital today.

Halloween 2017 0

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017, don’t forget your best costume guys. Eastern Mediterranean University, Magusa.

The broken ladder 2

The broken ladder.

The sleeping beauty of life can be awaken when we start to notice the cloudy opportunities we come across in our various circumstances. The trouble each day brings come along with a password to...

what is love 3

What is love? [1]

The world wars that broke up many years ago have many interesting lessons which if deliberately analyzed, could solve many present day crises not just to the society at large but also to our...

Uncertain 0

Uncertain (CIU)

New Series Alert!!! UNCERTAIN (A CRIME, DRAMA, ROMANCE AND COMEDY SERIES) coming to your screens soon!